No Fairmit No Rally

no FAIRmit, no rally! was a blast. the univ. of the philippines’ annual week-long fair made my night very special and quite memorable.

i had FUN! FUN! FUN!. the foods are great. hundreds of thousands to choose from. but my choice for that night is the rocking ISAW-ISAW and PORK BARBEQUE. sarap! Do not forget the INIHAW NA MAIS salted and buttered.

aside from foods, the perya games and few that ive tried are darts with the baloon targets (Dale darted more baloons than i) at yung mag-hahagis ng piso sa mga box at wish mo lang na pumasok sa loob ng box. there are also those rides you wouldn’t wanna miss. the octopus’ shaked my world!!! i’ve tried the EK’s space shuttle for a couple of times but this one is exceptional. can’t explain the right feeling but i’m sure my night isn’t that spectacular if had not experience that octopus. try it for yourself. haha, on the next UP fair maybe. :P

the main attraction??? the BANDSSSSS. fairly known bands like Parokya ni Edgar, Imago, Kiko Machine, Brownman Revival, Kamikaze, Datu’s Tribe, Hemp Republic et al played that night morning. and from the UP underground bands, a couple i’ve remembered, Aizo, The Wuds, Elevator Action, Ishlavu, ‘Hoy Wag Dito, Giniling Festival –> w/ their song Siling Giniling hehe, UP music circle and many more.

They rock the night. And the crowd?? They literally SLAM my night. the crowd is so energetic that they tend to sway and dance without knowing (or maybe they are aware) that they are actually hitting and slamming someone. but it’s all ok. they relax once in a while, and recharged and then boom! again.

maraming salamat to OLGA for inviting me. Sarap mag foodtrip dude. and to RON, LAI, KAREEN, RAGEE with the special participation of MR. JOHN DALE AMON haha. thanks Dale.

Bukod sa kasiyahan, isasama ko na din dito ang mga most favorite words during the fair (at araw-araw yata favoriute nila ito) like TRUE(pronounce as TRU, TRO) at DUDE.

C.P.R ( Calibrated Pinoy Rock ): Famorningan sa Sunken. at totoong FAMORNINGAN. the fair ended successfully at around 5am. at natapos itong masaya ang lahat.

masayang ulit-ulitin, kaya…

UP FAIR 2007, count me in!


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