One Day

I wanna share this poem to you sent in my e-mail by one of my good friends. —

One day I’ll leave this place,
I’ll spread my wings and fly,
I just gotta find my wings,
And then I’ll no longer cry.

One day I’ll go to bed,
A smile on my face,
I won’t cry myself to sleep,
I’ll know in life I’ll have a place.

One day I’ll wake up,
And be glad I’m alive,
I’ll go to school with my head high,
I won’t struggle to survive.

One day I’ll be with my friends,
And I’ll believe what I get told,
My heart will fill with love,
And I’ll be content and no longer cold.

One day I’ll stop caring,
About that particular boy,
I’ll walk right past him,
And not fall limp like a toy.

One day all my heart break,
Will just be memories from the past,
I’ll move on with my life,
And realise that it would never last.

One day my family will get along,
And all the fights will cease,
We’ll all be really happy,
And all get some much deserved peace.

One day I’ll be happy,
And it won’t be just an act,
I’ll be able to sort my life out,
And I’ll know fiction from fact.

One day I’ll look in the mirror,
And not hate what I see,
I’ll look past what people say,
And actually learn to be me.

One day I’ll do these things,
And all the pain will go away,
Until then I’ll try to keep smiling,
Because ‘one day’ isn’t today.


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