a fortiori

Im back to blogging, though im still ‘busy’. And not with my own domain. Its free. Its what makes this site popular. =D

Its been a year, almost, since i left the online community. And its not easy actually. Everyday, I think of my precious online friends, what will I be writing for them. Its traumatic to suddenly stop the things you really are fond of doing. But heck, I need to grow. I need to get a life. A life outside of my computer monitor. A life that moves beyond pixels and downloads and online bizz buzzing. A life that doesnt immobilize me on the couch for the whole day. A life I have been dreaming of when I still was a child, back then when I hardly know a thing about computer.

I felt like its time for me to go back to the blogging world. So, ab hinc, I’ll once again disturb your slumbering.

To start, I wanna share this hilarious video I found. Its title is AMERICANS ARE NOT STUPID– grab it! —–> http://youtube.com/watch?v=fJuNgBkloFE


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