Night Thoughts

You come to me every night with such tenderness that I long for your touch come daylight. My head and my body, they never cease to think of you. Whatever I do, you’re always on my mind. During daylight, you arrive when I need you most, making me oblivious of what is actually happening around me.

When with you, it’s like I’m transported into another world, completely leaving the other one behind. You take me to so many places—some I’ve been to before and some I am not familiar with. You make me see things I never thought I would be able to see, making me less innocent, less naïve. Only you know of my deepest secrets—my fears, my dreams, my life.

When with you, I feel calm, at ease and peaceful. I know that with you I would be safe and secure. You touch me in places no one else has ever touched before. You make me feel good about myself, making me laugh and cry, in the stage of euphoria. But sometimes you hurt me.

Even unintentionally, I feel as though you deceive me by showing me my fears. You haunt me with things I am most afraid of. There are times when I wake up abruptly with tear-stained cheeks then you are gone. I know I can’t live without you, though. You are my shock absorber and my best friend.

And I am grateful for your presence. So please come and visit me early tonight, dear sleep, I have to wake up early tomorrow.


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