yesterday went super great.

i was sitting in front of the computer inside my shop when suddenly i felt these weird aura. and then i check the sorrounding, and heck, i was visited by the most unlikely creatures in the world. one fat slubby monster, and a super thin, naughty stick.

haha, im bad. i mean to say i was visited by my most beloved friends. my best buddies. Christopher (tope the stick) and Dante (Di-An the pig) haha. we’ve been friends since elementary.

so we left the shop and went to my house. my mom was so happy seeing them again. we talked on a lot of things, and as always, we laugh and laugh all day talking about different things and different people.

by afternoon, the three of us went to the market. i asked them what they want me to cook for dinner (im the cook of the group), they all dont know what to eat haha. i was thinking of sinigang na sugpo or kalamares but we dont have enough time to cook them, so i decided for the easy-to-prepare all time favorite, Tinolang Manok.

things turn out well, we ate a LOT(ang lakas kumain ng mga to kaya naubusan kami ng kanin).

after that, we resumed our talks and laughing session.

at that very moment, i know im happy. more than happy that i cant actually explain it. i love them. thats all i know.

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