International Womens Day

On march 8, the whole world will be celebrating. Women especially.

This will be the best time to enumerate the top 10 (in any order haha) super special ladies who touched my life for the past 21 years.

1. My Mother—> (the best mom in the world)
2. Ate Lhen —-> (sister)
3. Ate anne —-> (sister)
4. Lee-an —-> (chilhood friend)
5. Lola Lily —->(da best lola- God bless her soul)
6. Irish —-> (da best din to, a friend)
7. Ms. Tobias —> (da best teacher and mentor)
8. Christine —-> (basta, love ko ‘to)
9. Joyce —-> (love ko din ‘to)
10. Joy —-> (pinaka love ko ‘to)

and to all the women around the globe, we salute you.


in a few days, ill be transferring my blog somewhere more secure. and i do hope you’ll still join me in my rants and runs on life.


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