And so, I’ve graduated.

Looking back, I can now sigh my relief. A few good years with my friends and classmates. A few good years with my professors and ‘lover-professors’ (Hi Ms. Madel) haha.

Once again, I can proudly tell my parents that their sufferings are over. No more tuition fees, no more ‘kick-backs’, no more late dinners.

Ive recieved a few gifts, my parents threw a party for me, my friends came over. That was a nice gift. My moters friend, Aling Soling, gave me a new hanky and a pen. How sweet of her. My sisters paid my credit card :D. How generous of them to do that. My brother gave me a load worth a thousand pesos. But silly me, ive sold half of it to my classmate haha. :D My parents loaded my ATM with a considerable amount of money :D Salamat yehey, pandag-dag bayad na yan sa electric bill ng shop.

But to top it all, my MAME called me from abroad. Weee, that was the nicect gift ever. I thought she was busy doing work but she still gave me a phone call.

That was the loveliest Sunday of my life. As well as my mom’s.

She celebrated her 50th birthday. :D Who says April Fools Day are for fools? Ill send my request to the senate to change April 1 as April’s Best Day.


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