Long Vacation

We went on a vacation.

It was indeed an exhausting but fun trip. Many things happened, like our vehicle almost jump over a cliff, my bag was picked up my someone because we have the same bag and mistakenly identified it as his. lotsa lotsa but i wont go into details, just the norms.

From Manila, we flew to Cebu via PAL. We went to our relatives, and on the next day, we rode for Leyte via SuperCat, a very fast though small sea vehicle. in less than 2 hours, we arrived in Ormoc City. From there, we took a van for Palompon, a very beautiful coastal town. We visited our cousins and Lola Purincia. And for two days of stay, we had a bathing spree until our skins turned brown and brown and brown and black.

The next day, we headed back to Ormoc City and took the cab for the town of Albuera, another coastal town. Note: it is Leyte’s fishing capital. We readied ourselves for the coming feast of San Isidro, their patron saint. As usual, bathing spree, and EATING SPREE. Now thats the reason why my tummy looks like a blowfish now. That was a week long celebration, every night were fantastic. There were tiangge and native cuisine festival during the day while disco, singing / dancing competitions rocked the week nights.

I left for Manila right after the feast ‘coz i have to fix some papers and things, while my family decided to stay a little a longer.

Stressing but fun. See ya’ll next summer vacation!


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