EU says Philippines must match its vow to stop political killings with resources

I recieved this news awhile ago in my e-mail sent by a friend.

The European Union urged the Philippines on Friday to spend more money on training soldiers in human rights and strengthen its legal system as it struggles to curb the killings of left-wing activists and journalists.

An EU team of experts concluded a 10-day mission to the Philippines to identify ways to boost the government’s ability to solve the killings, which one local human rights group estimates total more than 800 since 2001. Philippine military was waging “a dirty war” against left-wing activists, and not a single soldier had been prosecuted.

“The will of the government has to be matched by financial resources,” MacDonald told a news conference. “In addition to that, there may well be institutional and structural changes which have to be introduced in the legal system.” – Alistair Macdonald, head of European Commision’s delegates in Manila.

Been busy during the past days. Ive finished reading ‘Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas’. Its worth buying this book, I’m telling you guys. Ill post some of the books content as soon as possible. For now I need to do something really really important. :D


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