Genetic Cause of Cancer Identified/World’s Richest Man

A COMMON genetic trigger for bowel cancer has been identified for the first time.
The rogue gene lies in a small chromosomal region that has also been linked to breast and prostate cancer. Around half the general population are thought to carry the genetic variant, which increases the risk of developing bowel cancer by about 20 per cent. The chances of suffering the disease, the third most common after breast and lung cancers, rise from one in 20 for people who do not carry a faulty copy of the gene to one in 16 for those who do.
Several genes are already known to contribute to the risk of bowel cancer, but they are rare – only around one person in every 2,500 carries one of these genes, and they account for less than 5 per cent of cases diagnosed each year.
Even with the addition of the new genetic variant, the increased risk is still too small to be useful for a screening test.
But experts believe as more “low risk” variants are found, it may be possible to spot them in combination and design a test for patients at high risk of bowel cancer.
The discovery is the latest to emerge from new techniques that involve scouring the whole human genetic code for mutations linked to cancer.
In this case, scientists homed in on a tiny stretch of DNA on chromosome eight – one of the 22 paired bundles of DNA found in every cell which, together with the X and Y chromosomes, house the genes.
But even with this research outcomes, a cure for cancer is still not found. Well at least, we know know where to start studying and killing the main cause.

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