The Simpsons


Since I was a kid, The Simpsons ruled our households.

My father wouldnt let us watch Shaider, Bio-Man, Mask Rider Black et al for he believe these kind of TV shows are not worthy to be watched, he said its no fun at all seeing costumed superheroes with big robots that fights over evil, and yet destroying houses by stepping and throwing their opponents on it. Haha. But not when it comes to the Simpsons family.

You cannot interrupt him while watching Homer chasing Bart with a hammer and a knife. If you try to do that, I’m telling you, you won’t have your allowance for the whole week. That’s why Simpsons is a ‘sacred’ and a very very fatal show, our rival when it comes to our future. :D

So we learned to like it too. I love Homer specifically.

Next week, after 18 years in the making, The Simpsons will jump on the silver screens. As my father noted: Official day-off nating lahat, walang papasok, manonood tayo sa opening. Translation: Considered as an official family day-off. You will not wander anywhere else, we’ll be watching on the opening day.

Here are some interesting facts I found while browsing VanityFair.


I learned that Bart was a Time Magazine Awardee, for being the The Most Overexposed Underachiever, haha. He was also put on the list of the 100 Most Influential People Of The 20th Century, now thats a great one

In January 1992, during a campaign stop at a gathering of the National Religious Broadcasters, George H. W. Bush (father of the still US President) made a commitment to strengthen traditional values, promising to help American families become “a lot more like the Waltons and a lot less like the Simpsons.” A few days later, before the opening credits rolled on the animated sitcom’s weekly episode, The Simpsons issued its response. Seated in front of the television, the family watched Bush make his remarks. “Hey! We’re just like the Waltons,” said Bart. “We’re praying for an end to the Depression, too.” While the immediacy of the response was surprising, the retort was vintage Simpsons: tongue-in-cheek, subversive, skewering both the president’s cartoonish political antics and the culture that embraced them. Twelve months later, Bill Clinton moved into the White House. The Waltons were out; the Simpsons were in.


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