Age doesn’t matter / Death

Almost 2 days ago, my Uncle Edwin went to our house. He then broke this news that his son, Kuya Roger, will left the country to take his masters degree in Monash University in Melbourne. He will be living with his older sister, Ate Roxie. Curious of what life will he be facing in a foreign country as a student, I turn Google search on. But I found something more interesting as I searched. The world’s oldest student on a university just graduated with her masters degree.

Graduate at 94

She is Phyllis Turner, 94, who earned herself a masters degree in Medical Science last August 2 at The Adelaide University in Australia. She passed her thesis and noted as one of the brightest student at the university despite her age. Now thats the spirit.

grandad Aldous

August 1, my dear Lolo Aldous, died at the age of 87. For almost a decade he suffered from cancer of the intestine. Finally, he rests now with his creator. You will be remembered.



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