Birthday / Videos / Sinking Of Japan

On August 16, my friend OLGA will celebrate her 21st birthday. As a present, I made her a video from some special photos. Hey it’s my first time creating a video so spare my life if this doesn’t fit your taste.

Also, I created another video out of a song I heard in my sisters room. The song is Peace On Earth by Tryad. It tackles global awareness and world peace. So go on and watch it, too.

Sinking Of Japan

I just arrived home from the cinema. I watched Sinking Of Japan. It was a great movie. The effects weren’t that great but story-wise, it was all good. Japan showcased their nationalism in this movie. I seldom cry while movie-watching, and this one does it.

After seeing the movie, I’m now addicted to a japanese girl(again, first was Aya Ueto of Azumi) ,and now it’s Ko Shibasaki (Reiko in the movie). She’s so pretty! Go on and watch it. It’s worth seeing Reiko, I mean the film.


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